The Christmas Questions - December 23, 2021

I love Christmas. Let the sleigh bells ring. Let the carolers sing. The more Santas the merrier. The more trees the better. I love Christmas. The tinsel and the clatter and waking up “to see what was the matter.” Bing and his tunes. Macy’s balloons. Mistletoe kisses, Santa Claus wishes, and favorite dishes. Holiday snows, warm winter clothes, and Rudolph’s red nose. I love Christmas!

I love it because somewhere someone will ask the Christmas questions: What’s the big deal about the baby in the manger? Who was he? And what does his birth have to do with me? The questioner may be a child looking at a front-yard creche. He may be a soldier stationed far from home. She may be a young mom who, for the first time, holds a child on Christmas Eve. The Christmas season prompts questions. And may you find answers to yours.