The Consequence of Shortcuts - September 6, 2023

Isaac was on his deathbed, at least he thought he was. The truth was, he was 135 years old and would live another 45 years. In Genesis 27:35 we read his words to Esau: “Your brother came in and tricked me. He has taken your blessing.”

A blessing was irreversible and irrevocable. Isaac could give Esau a secondary inheritance, but Jacob had already cashed the check. Verse 41 says, “Esau said in his heart, ‘…I will kill my brother.’”

Jacob skedaddled. Jacob purloined the blessing, but… his family was splintered, he was without a home, he had to run for his life, his twin wanted to kill him, he had betrayed his father’s trust, and he, as far as we know, never saw his mother again. All because he took a shortcut. He couldn’t wait on God to do what God had promised.