The Fire that Consumes - November 8, 2023

God will speak to you differently than he will speak to others. Just because God spoke to Moses through a burning bush, that doesn’t mean we should all sit next to a bush waiting for God to speak. No, God reveals his heart personally to each person. We learn his will as we take up residence in his house and seek to listen to him every single day.

You want to know God’s will for your life? Then answer the question: what ignites your heart? Forgotten orphans? Untouched nations? The inner city? What is the fire that consumes you? Mark it down. Jesus comes to set you on fire. And he will speak to you. The fire of your heart is the light of your path. Fan it at your own delight. Blow it. Stir it. Nourish it. But disregard it at your own expense, because your delight is God’s message to you.