The Gift of Encouragement - September 16, 2019

Every person needs to hear a “wonderful.”  Here is why.  Companies spend billions of dollars to convince us that we are chubby, smelly, ugly and out-of-date.  Inadequacy indwells a billion hearts.

Would you distribute encouragement?  Will you make some happiness happen?  Will you remind humanity that we are made in God’s image?  That we are chosen, destined, and loved?

Start by listening intently.  Ask someone to tell you his, or her, story.  Give the rarest of gifts— your full attention.

Praise abundantly.  Biblical encouragement is no casual, kind word but rather a premeditated resolve to lift the spirit of another person.  Everyone needs a cheerleader.

Give the gift that God loves to give—  the gift of encouragement. This is how happiness happens.