The God of the Plot Twist - November 23, 2021

No condition is too dark, no situation is too difficult, no problem is so severe that God can’t intervene, overturn, and reverse the course of events. Isn’t this the promise of the story of Esther? “…On this day the enemies of the Jews had hoped to overpower them, but now the tables were turned and the Jews got the upper hand over those who hated them” (Esther 9:1).

God is the God of the plot twist.

Exactly what did happen in Esther’s case? Well God softened a hard heart. “That same day King Xerxes gave Queen Esther the estate of Haman, the enemy of the Jews. And Mordecai came into the presence of the king…” (Esther 8:1). With an impression of his ring, Xerxes could condemn an entire race. Yet a higher king was at work, and he still is.