The Greatest Reversal - November 26, 2021

The greatest reversal occurred in a cemetery outside of Jerusalem. Jesus the Christ was Jesus the corpse. No pulse, no breath, no hope. And his followers? They were hiding in the bare cupboards and corners of Jerusalem, for fear of a cross that bore their names. Their world was broken. Their hearts were broken.

And just when all joy was lost, his heart began to beat! Eyelids popped open. Pierced hands lifted. Jesus stood and placed his heel squarely on the head of Satan. And when he did, “the tables were turned.”

No matter how you write it, the Easter morning announcement is just the same. “[Christ] isn’t here! He is risen from the dead, just as he said would happen. Come, and see the place where his body was lying” (Matthew 28:6). The God of the great turnarounds performed his greatest work.