The Image of a Hero - April 14, 2023

The apostle Paul shaped history, yet Paul would die in the jail of a despot. No headlines announced his execution. No observer recorded the events. Doesn’t look like a hero. The fellow who changes the oil in your car could be a hero. Maybe as he works he prays, asking God to do with the heart of the driver what he does with the engine. I know, I know, it doesn’t fit our image of a hero.

John Egglen, a deacon, stepped in and gave the sermon for a few folks who’d arrived before a snowstorm that prevented the pastor from getting there. In a moment of courage, he looked straight at a young boy in the service and said, “Look to Jesus. Look!” The boy’s name? Charles Haddon Spurgeon, England’s “prince of preachers.”

You never know. Tomorrow’s Spurgeon may be in your church or your neighbor. And the hero who inspires him might be in your mirror.