The Inspired Word - November 22, 2016

Can we believe that all Scripture is inspired by God? Composed over sixteen centuries by forty authors! Begun by Moses in Arabia and finished by John on Patmos. Penned by kings in palaces, shepherds in tents, and prisoners in prisons. Would it be possible for forty writers writing in three different languages in several different countries, separated by as much as sixteen-hundred years, to produce a book of singular theme unless behind them there was one mind and one designer?

God’s Word endures. More than three-hundred fulfilled prophecies about the life of Christ were written at least four hundred years before he was born. Imagine if something similar occurred today. If we found a book written in 1900 that prophesied two world wars, a depression, an atomic bomb, and the assassinations of presidents—wouldn’t we trust it? Shouldn’t we trust the Bible?

From God is With You Every Day