The Last Word - August 9, 2016

Satan never shuts up. Day after day, hour after hour…relentless, tireless. Unlike the conviction of the Holy Spirit, Satan’s condemnation brings no repentance or resolve, just regret. Jesus reminds us Satan has one aim:  “to steal, and to kill, and to destroy” (John 10:10).  To steal your peace, kill your dreams, and destroy your future. But he will not have the last word!

Jesus has acted on your behalf. He stooped low enough to sleep in a manger, to work in a carpentry shop, and sleep in a fishing boat. Low enough to rub shoulders with crooks and lepers. Low enough to be spat upon, slapped, nailed, and speared. Low enough to be buried.

But then he stood. Stood up from the slab of death and right in Satan’s face. He stood up to Satan, and he will stand up for you!

From God is With You Every Day