The One Gift Troubles Cannot Touch - June 11, 2015

What do you still have that you cannot lose? My father had just retired. He and mom wanted to visit every national park in their travel trailer. Then came the diagnosis of ALS, a cruel degenerative disease that affects the muscles. Within months, the world, as he knew it, was gone.

Denalyn and I were preparing to do mission work in Brazil. I offered to change my plans. But Dad’s reply was immediate and confident. “Go, I have no fear of death or eternity, so don’t be concerned about me. Just Go. Please Him.” His retirement; years with his children and grandchildren; years with his wife—the loss was severe, but it wasn’t complete. “Dad,” I could have asked him, “what do you have that you cannot lose?” He still had God’s call on his heart! And so do you!

From You’ll Get Through This