The Power of a Moment - November 26, 2019

A lot of us make unnecessary messes.  But we can change that.  May I make a suggestion?  Before you face the world, face your Father.  Take this pocket prayer:  Father. . .You are good  Your heart is good.  The words come slowly at first, but stay at it. . . Your ways are right.  The weather’s bad, the economy is bad, but God, you are awesome.

Don’t underestimate the power of this moment.  You just opened the door to God and welcomed truth to enter your heart.  Who knows, you might even start to worship.  Is your world different because you prayed?  In one sense, no.  But you are different.  You have peace.  You’ve talked to your Father.

Here’s my challenge for you!  Every day for four weeks pray four minutes.  Then get ready to connect with God like never before!