The Prayers He Answers - July 12, 2023

Jesus said, “If you believe, you will get anything you ask for in prayer” (Mark 11:24). Don’t reduce this grand statement to the category of new cars and paychecks. The fruit God assures is far greater than earthly wealth. God wants you to fly free of yesterday’s guilt, free of today’s fears, free of tomorrow’s grave. Sin, fear, and death. These are the mountains he has moved. These are the prayers he will answer. That is the fruit he will grant. This is what he longs to do.

Let’s not limit our prayers to the things of this world. Let’s reach out with open hearts and open hands to ask for true treasures: a freedom from worry and fear, a greater trust in him, and a peace that far exceeds our understanding. Let’s dare to ask and to believe he will answer.