The Promotion - November 18, 2016

For 20 years I was the senior minister of our church. I was happy to fill the role. But I was happiest preaching and writing. As the church increased in number, so did the staff. That meant more people to manage. And that meant spending more time doing what I didn’t feel called to do. I transitioned from senior minister to teaching minister.

A few people were puzzled. “Don’t you miss being the senior minister?” Translation: Weren’t you demoted? Earlier in my life I might have thought so. But I’ve come to see that God’s definition of a promotion, is a move toward your call. Don’t let someone promote you out of your call. Not every tuba player has the skills to direct the orchestra. If you can, then do. If you can’t, blast away on your tuba with delight!

From God is With You Every Day