The Quiet Father of Jesus - December 14, 2021

Joseph. The quiet father of Jesus. Rather than make a name for himself, he made a home for Christ. And because he did, a great reward came his way. “He called his name Jesus” (Matthew 1:25).

Queue up the millions who have spoken the name of Jesus, and look at the person selected to stand at the front of the line: Joseph. Of all the saints, sinners, prodigals, and preachers who have spoken the name, Joseph—a blue-collar, small-town construction worker—said it first. He cradled the wrinkle-faced prince of heaven, and with an audience of angels and pigs, whispered, “Jesus…you’ll be called Jesus.”

Seems right, don’t you think? Joseph gave up his name, so Jesus let Joseph say his. God hunts for Josephs through whom he can deliver Christ into the world.