The Real Jesus - March 6, 2020

The Jesus of many people is small enough to be contained in an aquarium that fits on the cabinet. He never causes trouble or demands attention. If you want a goldfish bowl of Jesus, steer clear of the real Jesus Christ.  He changes everything!

No, Jesus doesn’t make you sexy, skinny, or clever.  Jesus doesn’t change what you see in the mirror.  He changes how you see what you see.  He will not be silenced, packaged, or predicted.  He is the pastor who chased people out of church. He is the prophet who had a soft spot for crooks and whores.  He is the king who washed the grime off the feet of his betrayer. He turned a bread basket into a buffet and a dead friend into a living one.  And most of all, he transformed the tomb into a womb out of which life was born life ….your life.