The Samaritan Woman - January 30, 2023

“Where is God? My people say he is on the mountain. Your people say he is in Jerusalem. I don’t know where he is” (John 4:20).

I’d give a thousand sunsets to see the expression on the face of Jesus as he heard those words from the Samaritan woman. Did his eyes water? Did he smile? Did he look up and wink at his Father? Of all the places to find a hungry heart—Samaria? And of all the Samaritans to be searching for God—a woman? And of all the women to have an insatiable appetite for God—a five-time divorcée.

“I am the Messiah,” he told her (v. 26). Don’t miss the drama of the moment. Look at her eyes, wide with amazement. Suddenly the insignificance of her life was swallowed by the significance of the moment. “God is here! God has come! And God cares…for me!”