The Serpent Crushed - January 14, 2016

Satan can disturb us, but he cannot defeat us. The head of the serpent is crushed!

I saw a literal picture of this in a prairie ditch. A petroleum company was hiring strong backs and weak minds to lay a pipeline. Since I qualified, much of a high-school summer was spent shoveling in a shoulder-high West Texas trough. One afternoon the digging machine dislodged more than dirt! “Snake!” shouted the foreman. We popped out of that hole faster than a jack-in-the-box. One worked launched his shovel and beheaded the rattler.

That scene is a parable of where we are in life. In Revelation 20:2 John calls Satan, “that old snake who is the devil.” Has he not been decapitated? Not with a shovel, but with a cross. So how does that leave us? Confident—in Jesus’ power over Satan! Trust the work of your Savior!

From Next Door Savior