The Shepherd Knows You - April 12, 2023

When I see a flock of sheep I see exactly that – a flock. A rabble of wool. I don’t see a sheep; I see sheep. All alike. None different. But not so with the shepherd. To him every sheep is different. Every face has a story. John 10:3 says, “The sheep listen to the voice of the shepherd. He calls his own sheep by name.”

When we see a crowd we see exactly that – a crowd. We see people, not persons. A herd of humans. But not so with the Shepherd. To him every face is different. Every face is a story. The Shepherd knows you. He knows your name, and he will never forget it. God said in Isaiah 49, “I have written your name on my hand.” Quite a thought isn’t it? Your name on God’s lips. My, could it be?