The Touch of God - February 11, 2019

People longed for the compassionate touch of Jesus. And each one who came was touched.  And each one touched was changed.  But none was touched or changed more than the unnamed leper described in the first four verses of Matthew 8.  He bowed before Jesus and said, “Lord, you can heal me if you will.  And Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man and said, ‘I will. Be healed!  And immediately the man was healed from his disease.’”

In New Testament times, leprosy was the most dreaded disease.  In Scripture, the leper is symbolic of the ultimate outcast.  A person doesn’t have to have leprosy to feel quarantined.  The divorced, handicapped, unemployed, depressed, and terminally ill know this feeling.  Jesus touched the untouchables of the world. Will you do the same?

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