The Word “Almost” - December 3, 2019

Almost.  It’s a sad word in any man’s dictionary.  It runs with nearlynext time, and  just about!  It’s a word that smacks with missed opportunities.  It’s honorable mention, on the bench, and burnt cookies!

One of the most famous almosts is in the Bible.  His name was Pilate.  He almost performed what would have been history’s greatest act of mercy.  He almost pardoned the Prince of Peace.  He almost released the Son of God. He had the power.  He had the choice.  The option to free God’s Son was his.  And he did it… almost!

Jesus never had room for almost. With Him nearly has to become certainly. Sometimes has to be always.  And next time has to become this time!  Almost may count in horseshoes, but with the Master, it’s just as good as a never.