The Work Is God’s - February 8, 2024

Paul said in 1 Corinthians 13:4, “Love does not envy.”

A number of years ago I learned of a new church across town. A friend came to me with this report: “The church is great. It’s bursting at the seams—the largest one in town.” A more spiritual Max would have rejoiced. A more mature Max would have thanked God. But the Max who heard the report didn’t act mature or spiritual. He acted jealous.

Rather than celebrate God’s work, I was obsessed with my own. I wanted our church to be the biggest. Sickening. In a profound moment of conviction, he let me know that the church is his church, not mine. The work is his work, not mine. And my life is his life, not mine. My job wasn’t to question him, but to trust him. The cure for jealousy? Trust!