There Is One Name - December 15, 2022

Son of God, the Lamb of God, the Resurrection and the LifeAlpha and Omega. Phrases that stretch the boundaries of human language in an effort to capture the uncapturable: the grandeur of God. They always fall short. Hearing them is somewhat like hearing a Salvation Army Christmas band on the street corner playing “Handel’s Messiah.” No names do God justice.

But there is one name. Jesus. A name so typical, if he were here today, his name might be John or Bob or Jim. He was touchable, approachable, reachable. “Just call me Jesus,” you can almost hear him say. And those who walked with him remembered him not with a title or designation, but with a name—Jesus! It’s a beautiful name and a powerful name. The day is coming when at the name of Jesus every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that he is Lord!

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