True Humility - February 11, 2016

True humility is not thinking lowly of yourself but thinking accurately of yourself. When Paul writes in Philippians 2:3 “Consider others better than yourselves,” he uses a verb that means to calculate. The word implies a conscious judgment resting on carefully weighed facts. To consider others better than yourself, then, is to say that you know your place.  True humility is quick to applaud the success of others.

Paul says give each other more honor than you want for yourselves. Jesus is our example. Content to be known as a carpenter. Happy to be mistaken for the gardener. He served his followers by washing their feet. If Jesus is so willing to honor us, can we not do the same for others? Can we not regard others as more important than ourselves? Be quick to share the applause! That’s what love does!

From A Love Worth Giving