Two Sides of the Aisle - May 24, 2024

I was flying home when a snowstorm delayed my arrival in Dallas. I raced to catch the final flight of the night for San Antonio. I asked the attendant, “Are any seats left?” She looked at her computer screen. “No. I’m afraid we are going to have to bump you up to first class. Do you mind if we do that?” Color me thankful.

Not every passenger was appreciative. A fellow across the aisle was angry. “I paid extra to fly first class. I want another pillow!” On the other side of the aisle, yours truly smiled. One passenger grumbled; the other was grateful. The difference? The crank paid his way into first class. My seat was a gift.

Thankful people focus less on the pillows they lack and more on the privileges they have. On which side of the aisle do you find yourself?