Unpack Your Bags - October 5, 2016

Do you question your place in God’s family? Do you fear his impending rejection? Do you wrestle with  doubt-laced questions, such as… Am I really in God’s family? What if God changes his mind?  

Lord knows, he has reason to do so. We wonder, “Will God turn me out?” Employers do. Coaches kick players off the team. Teachers expel students from school. Parents give birth to children and abandon them at a bus station. How do we know God won’t do the same? After all, he is holy and pure, and we are anything but. Is it safe to trust our place in God’s family?

God answered this question at the cross. When Jesus died, the heavenly vote was forever cast in your favor. He declared for all to hear, This child is my child! My covenant will never change.

From God is With You Every Day