Watch and Pray! - December 10, 2019

Jesus said, “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.”  It doesn’t get more practical than that!  When you see sin coming—duck!  When you sense temptation, go the other way.  Pay attention!  You know your weaknesses.  You also know the situations where your weaknesses are most vulnerable.  Stay out of those situations.  Late hours.  Movies.  Internet.  Social media. Whatever gives Satan a foothold in your life, stay away from it.  Watch out!

And pray!  Prayer invites God to walk the shadowy pathways with us.  To watch ahead for falling trees and tumbling boulders; to bring up the rear, guarding our backside from the poison darts of the devil.

Watch and pray!  Good advice.  Let’s take it!  It could be the difference between a peaceful day on the lake and a stick of dynamite blowing up in our faces!