We All Die - August 8, 2016

This heart will feel a final pulse. These lungs will empty a final breath. Barring the return of Christ, I will die and so will you. Psalm 89:48 says, “Who can live and not see death, or who can escape the power of the grave?” Young and old, good and bad, rich and poor. Neither gender is spared; no class exempt. Julius Caesar died. Elvis died. John Kennedy died. Princess Diana died. We all die.

The writer of Hebrews was blunt: “People are destined to die once” (9:27). Exercise all you want. Eat healthy food. Stay out of the sun, away from alcohol, and off drugs. Do your best and still, you die. Death seems like such a dead end. Until we read the words of the angel in Jesus’ resurrection story, “He is not here. He has risen from the dead as he said he would!” (Matthew 28:6).

From God is With You Every Day