We Are Running Out - September 22, 2020

You know, we’re running out. We’re running out of days and dates and dances. The hourglass was irreversibly flipped the day we were born, and we’ve been depleting our resources ever since. Our spending is outpacing our deposits — a fact, I think, that explains the reasoning behind miracle number one in the ministry of Jesus.

According to John chapter 2, he was at a wedding. His mother, Mary, came to Jesus with a problem: “They have no more wine” (John 2:3 NIV). Mary presented the problem. Christ was reluctant. Mary deferred. Jesus reconsidered. He commanded. The servants obeyed, and the wineless wedding was suddenly wine flush. And we’re left with this message: our diminishing supplies, no matter how insignificant, matter to heaven. Remember, friends, you are never alone.