Welcome Jesus into the Turbulence - October 21, 2020

We’d rather be spared the storm.  Or if the storm comes, let it be mild and our deliverance quick. Let the job dismissal come with a severance package and an offer of a better position.  Let the marital strife turn quickly to romance.  Sometimes it does.  But when it doesn’t, when we are thorax-deep in turbulence, Jesus wants us to know his name and hear him say, “I AM coming.”

Such was the experience of the disciples.  The moment they invited Christ into their boat was the moment they reached their destination.  “So they gladly took him aboard, and at once the boat reached the shore they were making for” (John 6:21).

Follow the example of the disciples.  Welcome Jesus into the midst of this turbulent time. Don’t let the storm turn you inward.  Let it turn you upward.  Remember, my friend, you are never alone.