Wes Bishop - July 15, 2016

You’ll look a long time before you’ll find a better man than Wes Bishop. A quick smile, warm handshake, he was a pillar in the small West Texas town of Sweetwater. He raised three great sons, one of whom married my daughter, Jenna. Wes never missed a day of work until he was diagnosed with brain cancer.

He was immobilized, at home in hospice care. A baby monitor was placed beside his bed. He’d hardly spoken for days, but they wanted to hear him if he called out. One night he did. Not for help; he called for Christ. “Jesus, I want to thank you for my life. You’ve been good to me. When you’re ready to take me, I’m ready to go.” Within a couple of days Jesus took him home.

I want that kind of faith, don’t you? The kind of faith that trusts in God.

From God is With You Every Day