What God Will Do - October 20, 2016

Maybe God and prayer are all you have. You face discouragement, deception, defeat, destruction, death. They roar into your world like a Hells Angels motorcycle gang. Their goal is to chase you back into the wilderness of sin.

Don’t give an inch. You are a member of God’s family. You come to God not as a stranger but as an heir. Earnestly make your requests known to him, not because of what you have achieved, but because of what Christ has done. Jesus spilled his blood for you. You can spill your heart before God. 

Jesus said if you have faith, you can tell a mountain to go and jump into the sea (Mark 11:23). What is your mountain? Call out to God for help…today! Will he do what you want? I cannot say, but this I can. He will do what is best!

From God is With You Every Day