What Heaven Told You - June 6, 2024

When the doctor who’d examined the tremor in my hand said, “You’re fine. You’re in good health,” I did what you might expect – I began to weep. “How much time do I have left?” The doctor cocked his head, puzzled. Wait a second! you’re thinking. Didn’t you hear what the doctor told you? And I’m wondering, didn’t you hear what heaven told you?

That response to the doctor? I made it up. I was elated. And now when I see my thumb shake, I chalk it up to an aging body and I just place my trust in the doctor’s words. Do the same won’t you? For just as my thumb will occasionally tremble, you will occasionally sin. And when you do, remember sin may touch you, but it cannot claim you. Christ is in you! Trust his work for you. Trust his work in you. Your heart is his home, and he is your master.

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