When You Let God Down - March 20, 2019

Peter did what he swore he wouldn’t do.  Three times the salt of Peter’s betrayal stung the wounds of the Messiah.  And he would never forget the look on Jesus’ face.  So Peter returned to Galilee.  Once again he had fished all night with no success.  And a voice from shores yells, “Try the other side!”  When John recognized Jesus, Peter swam to shore and stood in front of the friend he betrayed. For once, Peter was silent.  The moment was too holy for words.

What do you say at a moment such as this?  It’s just you and God.  You both know what you did.  And neither of you is proud of it.  What do you do? Consider doing what Peter did.  Stand still and wait—too repentant to speak, but too hopeful to leave.  He has come back.  Jesus invites you to try again.  This time, with him.

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He Still Moves Stones