Wholly Holy - September 13, 2022

The Spirit is wholly holy and unlike any being in our world. Which is such good news! We need a source of strength that is unbuffeted by that which buffets us, undisturbed by that which disturbs us, untethered to whatever ties us down. The Spirit is not subject to weather patterns, aging bodies, pandemics, stock market swings, or despots. He has never been sick. He will never be afraid. He does not worry, strive, or struggle. He is the Holy Spirit.

“The wind blows where it wishes…” (John 3:8 ESV). In like manner the Holy Spirit answers to no government or organization. Mighty enough to clear a path. He can break down walls of prejudice and subdue the most stubborn heart. Yet gentle. A roaring wind at Pentecost. A still, small voice at Mount Horeb.

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