Who’s Coming to Dinner? - February 7, 2017

The Greek word for hospitality compounds two terms: love and stranger. All of us can welcome a guest we know and love. But can we welcome a stranger?

In one of Jesus’ resurrection appearances, he accompanied two disciples as they walked from Jerusalem to their village of Emmaus. It had been a long day. They had much on their minds. But their fellow traveler stirred a fire in their hearts. So they welcomed him in. They pulled out an extra chair, poured some water in the soup, and offered bread. Jesus blessed the bread, and when he did, “their eyes were opened and they recognized him” (Luke 24:31 NIV).

We still encounter people on the road. And sometimes we detect an urge to open our doors to them. In these moments let’s heed the inner voice. We never know whom we may be hosting for dinner.

From God Is With You Every Day
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