Who’s Pushing Your Swing? - August 30, 2016

Children love to swing. There’s nothing like it. Spinning trees, a stomach that jumps into your throat. Ahh, swinging…  As a child, I trusted certain people to push my swing. They could twist me, turn me, stop me. . .I loved it! But let a stranger push my swing, and it was hang on, baby!

Remember when Jesus stilled the storm? It was frightening enough to scare the pants (or robes) off a dozen disciples. So they ran to wake up Jesus. They ran to do what? Jesus was asleep? How in the world could he sleep through a storm? Simple. He knew who was pushing the swing.

We live in a world of private storms; strained marriages, broken hearts, lonely evenings. Who pushes your swing? In the right hands you can find peace, even in the storm.

From God is With You Every Day