Words of Hope and Prayers of Faith - October 16, 2019

I recently met a ten-year-old boy by the name of Joshua.  His mother explained that Joshua’s father was no longer a part of the boy’s life.  I squatted down eye level with Joshua and I asked, “Do you know the story of your namesake?”  He nodded. “You will do what he did,” I admonished. “You will bring down Jericho’s walls and pray prayers of great faith.”

He wasn’t quite sure how to respond.  But his mom?  She was wiping away tears.

Strugglers don’t need our opinions.  They don’t need our philosophies on suffering.  They need someone to admonish them with truth.  Spread words of hope and pray prayers of faith.  The Bible says, “Prayers offered in faith will restore them from sickness and bring them to health…” (James 5:15 The Voice).

This is how happiness happens.