Works in Progress - October 30, 2019

Keep in mind that we are all works in progress.  God isn’t finished, and some of his works—well, some of us—need extra attention.

Be the cheerleader who brings out the best, not the critic who points out the rest.  You have a tool chest of encouraging words, a phrase of admonition, a warm greeting, genuine forgiveness, patience, kindness and unselfishness.  Do whatever it takes to bring out the best in others.

Why?  Because God is bringing out the best in you.  Little by little, God is making a new you out of you.

Your Father is following you, my friend.  And on this journey of life and love when you find it difficult to love the people who are hard to love, just pause and call out God’s name.  He’s not about to let you walk this path without his help.  And this is how happiness happens.