You Are Tweakable - February 4, 2019

The love of people often increases with performance and decreases with mistakes. Not so with God’s love.  He loves you right where you are.  But he refuses to leave you that way.  And so he cleanses us of filth:  immorality, dishonesty, prejudice, bitterness, greed.  He wants us to be just like Jesus.  Isn’t that good news?  You aren’t stuck with today’s personality.  You are tweakable!

Where did we get the idea we cannot change?  Why do we say things such as, It’s my nature to worry, or I’ll always be pessimistic?  I’m just that way, or I have a bad temper.  I can’t help the way I react?  Who says?  If our bodies malfunction we seek help.  Shouldn’t we do the same for our hearts?  Can’t we seek aid for our sour attitudes?  Of course we can!  Jesus wants to change our hearts.  Can you imagine a better offer?

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