You Will Never Go Wrong Doing What’s Right - May 20, 2020

Dad, would you intentionally break the arm of your child?  Of course not!  Such an action violates every fiber of your moral being.  Yet if you engage in sexual activity outside your marriage, you’ll bring more pain into the life of your child than a broken bone.

Mom, would you force your children to sleep outside on a cold night?  By no means.  Yet if you involve yourself in an affair, you’ll bring more darkness and chill into the lives of your children than a hundred winters.

Actions have consequences.  Make this your rule of thumb: do what pleases God.  Your classmates show you a way to cheat, the Internet provides pornography to watch.  When these things happen, ask yourself the question, “How can I please God?”  Psalm 4, verse 5 says, “Do what is right as a sacrifice to the Lord.”  You will never go wrong doing what is right!