Your Heavenly Father - March 15, 2023

It’s possible that your family will never give you the blessing you seek, but God will. If your earthly father doesn’t affirm you, then let your heavenly Father take his place.

To recognize God as Lord is to acknowledge that he is sovereign and supreme in the universe. To accept him as Savior is to accept his gift of salvation offered on the cross. To regard him as Father is to go a step further. Ideally, a father is the one in your life who provides and protects, and that is exactly what God has done. God has proven himself to be a faithful father. Now it falls to us to be trusting children.

Rely upon him for your affirmation and encouragement. “You are God’s child, and God will give you the blessing he promised, because you are his child” (Galatians 4:7 NCV).