Your Mess as Message - September 28, 2016

I like the conversation Bob Benson recounts in his book, See You at the House, about his friend who had a heart attack. For a while it seemed his friend wouldn’t make it. But he recovered. Months later Bob asked him,

“Well, how did you like your heart attack?”
“It scared me to death, almost,” his friend replied.
“Would you do it again?” Bob asked.
“No!” was the quick reply
“Would you recommend it?” Bob continued.
“Definitely not,” he answered.
“Does your life mean more to you now that it did before?” Bob asked.
“Well, yes,” his friend responded.
“You and your wife always had a beautiful marriage, but are you closer now than ever?” Bob continued.
“Yes,” his friend said.
“Do you have a new compassion for people—a deeper understanding and sympathy?” Bob inquired.
“Yes I do,” he responded.
“Do you know the Lord in a richer fellowship than you’d ever realized?” Bob asked.
“Yes,” again was the response.
Then, Bob asked his friend again, “So, how’d you like your heart attack?”

Deuteronomy 11:2 says, “Remember what you’ve learned about the Lord through your experience with Him.”  Do that, my friend, and your mess will become your message!

From You’ll Get Through This