Your Pilot Has Spoken - October 12, 2016

My flight was delayed by storms. Then over the loudspeaker came a promise: “This is the pilot. I know many of you have connections. You’ll make them. We’re holding your planes. We have a place for you.”

Well, I thought, he wouldn’t say that if he didn’t mean it. So I decided to trust his promise. Other people in the airport weren’t so fortunate. Travelers were scrambling, white faced and worried. Too bad their pilot hadn’t spoken to them. Or perhaps he had and they hadn’t listened.

Your pilot has spoken to you. Will you listen? No, I mean really listen? Let his promises settle over you like the warmth of a summer day. When everyone and everything around you says to panic, choose the path of peace. In this world of broken promises why not do your self a favor and take hold of the promises of God.

From God is With You Every Day