Your Stuff Isn’t You - January 10, 2018

When one of the wealthiest men in history, John D. Rockefeller, died his accountant was asked, “How much did John D. leave?” His reply? “All of it!”  No one takes anything with him.  Think about the things you own—all your stuff. Then let me remind you—your stuff isn’t yours. And you know what else?  Your stuff isn’t you!

Jesus explained in Luke 12:15 that life isn’t defined by what you have even when you have a lot.  Contentment comes when we can honestly say with the Apostle Paul, “I have learned to be satisfied with the things I have.  I know how to live when I am poor, and I know how to live when I have plenty” (Philippians 4:11-12).

You have so much! You have a God who hears you, the power of His love behind you, the Holy Spirit within you, and all of heaven ahead of you. You have everything you need!

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