Mother_Jesus We all enjoy a good love story…a first meeting…a budding romance.  And when inevitable obstacles arise, our heroes put everything on the line to overcome them… to be together. Like every great story, love is demonstrated through action. Through sacrifice.

Can you think of a better love story than Christmas? God looked upon us, his children. In desperate need of redemption, of a savior.  And He gave His most precious gift…Jesus, His own son.

Do you ever feel outside of God’s love?  That you’ve committed an act which makes you eternally undeserving? A treason…a betrayal…an aborted promise?  Maybe, just maybe if you could be better, His love would be deeper?  Then remember the message of the Christmas story. God loves us! Undyingly. Unequivocally. Unapologetically.  And He couldn’t possibly love you any more than he does right now!  May your Christmas be filled with the overwhelming love of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

© Max Lucado