Cast of Characters: Lost and Found

Immanuel. It means God with us, but most of the time we only relate this name of God with the Nativity, when Jesus came to earth in human flesh. However, from the beginning He has been with us. He encountered people like Noah, Jacob, Job, and David. They were common people in need of the touch of the living God. Then later, when the Word became flesh, He called and transformed people like Simon, Mary, Nicodemus, Peter and Paul. They too, were ordinary people looking for an answer.

Cast of Characters: Lost & Found gleans from the best of Max Lucado’s writing to explore the lives of these Biblical people and many others. From the Old Testament to the New Testament, whether they were kings, shepherds, prophets or thieves, they came-to-face with a God who makes the ordinary extraordinary. And that changed everything.

Each chapter of Cast of Characters: Lost & Found includes questions for group discussion and reflection.