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I’m not sure how many more of these we can take. When I saw the words: students shot in Sante Fe school, my reaction was, “Not again.” We seem to lurch from tragedy to tragedy, shooting to shooting, bombing to bombing. The kids didn’t deserve such a death. Their parents don’t deserve such grief. And we received an all too common reminder: life isn’t fair.

When did you learn those words? It’s not fair. What deed exposed you to the imbalanced scales of life? Did a car wreck leave you fatherless? Did friends forget you, a teacher ignore you, an adult abuse you? Have you ever prayed the psalmist’s prayer? “O Lord, how long will you look on?” (Psalm 35:17). When did you first ask the question of the prophet, “Why does the way of the wicked prosper?” (Jeremiah 12:1).

Why indeed? Why do drug peddlers get rich? Sex offenders get off? Charlatans get elected? Murderers get out? Cheaters get by? Scoundrels get in? Hypocrites get chosen?

How long will injustice flourish? God’s answer is direct: Not as long as we might think. Scripture reveals a somber promise: “For [God] has set a day when he will judge the world” (Acts 17:31).

He is not sitting idly by. He is not twiddling his thumbs. Every flip of the calendar brings us closer to the day in which God will judge all evil. A Judgment Day has been chosen. The hour is marked and moment reserved. Judgment is not a possibility, but a stark reality.

“Judgment Day” is an unpopular term. We dislike the image of a great hour of reckoning. Which is ironic. We disdain judgment but we value justice, yet the second is impossible without the first. One can’t have justice without judgment. For that reason, “we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each of us may receive what is due us for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad” (2 Corinthians 5:10).

Followers of Christ hold to this promise: Jesus will forever balance the scales of fairness. A day is coming, sooner than we might expect, in which we will see the devil pay for all the evil he has inflicted upon the world. Satan, and all who follow him, will hear the sentence: “Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels” (Matthew 25:41).

Justice will prevail.

This promise may not matter to you. For some people, life feels fair and just. If that describes you, count your blessings. There are others, however, who fight a daily battle with anger. They’ve been robbed; evil people have pilfered days they would have had with their loved ones, disease has sapped health from their body. They believe that justice must be served.

I’m one of these people. My brother was robbed. Alcoholism heisted the joy out of his life. For two-thirds of his fifty-seven years, he battled the bottle. It cost him his family, finances, and friends. He was not innocent, I get that. He bought the liquor and made the choices. Yet, I am convinced that Satan assigned a special goon squad to tempt him. When they found his weakness, they refused to let up. They took him to the mat and pounded the self-control out of him.

I’m ready to see Satan pay for his crimes against my brother. I am looking forward to that moment when I stand next to Dee, our bodies redeemed and souls secure. Together we will see the devil bound and chained and cast into a lake of fire. At that point we will begin to reclaim what the devil took.

“For [God] has set a day when he will judge the world” (Acts 17:31).

Let this covenant abate the anger you feel at the hurting world. Devastations have wounded every home. Just last week I met with a family whose six-year-old twins were sexually abused by a grandparent. Two nights ago, our neighbors were assaulted and robbed in their own home. One of our church members spent two years in prison for a crime he did not commit. The guilty party went free. He went to jail. It’s not right, it’s not just, it’s not fair that evil prospers. When you wonder if wickedness will go unpunished or injustices will go unaddressed, let this promise gratify your desire for justice. God will have the final word. “God is a just judge, and God is angry with the wicked every day” (Psalm 7:11).


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  1. Max, thank you for the words God has placed in your heart. I so agree. My heart hurts to imagine God’s vengeance on unrepentant souls.

  2. Amen! God loves you and He wants to redeem the lost of this broken world. Come to Jesus. Be saved by his shed blood. John 3:16 . We pray for everyone involved in this evil.

  3. I totally agree and appreciate your words.
    And I appreciate you acknowledging human roles as Well, even though your example was so personal.
    There are no easy answers to any of these tragedies. I feel the need to say – faith without works is dead. SOMETIMES, not ALL the time, but SOMETIMES, the answer to “ How long oh Lord?” Is “ however long you put up with it” – I believe school shootings are one of those “ times”.
    Such heavy and hard times for oh so ( too) many.

  4. This is so needed for people to read because we don’t understand all the evil in the world. We just have to remember that God is still on His throne!

  5. Cannot wait till that day comes. My sister was taken at age 66 by a maniac in Vegas that decided to take the lives of 58 people and wound hundreds. This was work of Satan and his minions. Have a friend that took his life for reasons I’m not sure of. My wife and I suffered 6 months in jail for something we did not do. GOD has made some of these things work out to his glory but a day of judgement will bring justice to all whom the devil has picked to do his dirty work. Leave it to our Lord and he will bring justice for all the evil. Thank You JESUS, Thank you Father.

  6. Bro Max your God given words have helped me over and over but these words resonate soundly in my heart. My son fought herion addiction for years and watched a talented kind hearted young man fall to the streets and prison. Thru Gods grace he is clean now and trying to make it mowing lawns because he cannot find someone who will hire because of his record. I have cried more tears than I can remember and praise God that He saved the life of my son. I pray now that God will cross Dillons path with someone who will recognize a young man who needs a second chance. Please pray for him that he will stay strong and not give up the daily fight.

  7. So all the bad that happens in the world is the work of the devil? But as long as we repent, and don’t repeat it we are saved? and God gives second chances, but society doesn’t?

  8. Max you are right. But psalm27 we have the light the strength of our in dwelling we have but to ask. Yes it’s a horrific tragedy.but also had two courageous officers who kept it from being so much worse.there example should inspire everyone.Mr.Rogers said look for those who will help.I believe no matter how bad it is our divine Father will use anyone anytime for what ever is needed.and many whom our Father works thru don’t known or recognize him or his son. I’ve born witness to this.

  9. I thank God for you reminding us, that everyone has be judge, by God. And he is coming soon.Praise the Lord Jesus. Thank you for being a true man of God

  10. I have Huntington’s Disease. There is no cure, more than likely I will be dead before I am 40. I am 34, it may take body, it will not take my spirit. Also I am looking forward to the Resurrection day. God used u to make a great idea of God’s grace. Also, you showed me that evil will no longer exist

  11. Thank you for this blessing and the reminder of God’s assurance in the midst of chaos and evil.

  12. Thank you for assurrance that God will win in the end!!! All the injustice today allows JESUS believers to draw closer to Him. Notice I said Jesus believers not Christians. One can be a Christian but not believe in Jesus.

  13. Thanks for this brother. No life isn’t fair and not that it’s any consolation there will be a day with no more tears, pain, or loss. Jesus warned us that life isn’t fair but our peace is found and resides in Him!

  14. So true, Max. I am so ready for Christ to return again. In the meantime, we are constant prayer warriors.

  15. Thank you so very much Pastor Lucado!
    That is the BEST explanation on this subject I personally have ever heard. I’ll treasure it.

    1. Thank you, this will change my life. My anger will no longer control me. I pray for forgiveness…..I pray for those hurt by wicked people. Thank you Jesus!

  16. Thank you Pastor Max! I needed to hear this message. It is harder n harder everyday. Even so come quickly Lord Jesus!

  17. Goon squads took my brother. The repeating attacks upon us began at early childhood. A mother who had no ability to love but my understanding of that has given me the strength to forgive her. But the damage of horrific physical and mental abuse, not only paved the way for the loss of my brother, it has brought about struggles my sister and I can barely withstand. That goon squad, which I have called that little black cloud, continues its attempt at destruction. My brilliant bright daughter was run over at 50 miles an hour, 2 weeks into her sophomore year of high school. Her traumatic brain injury erased who she was. Her violent, paranoid, self destructive behavior led her to the streets and even though she called with horror stories she wouldn’t tell me where she was or come home. Those effects along with my own brain damage from a brain tumor, led my husband into alcohol abuse and verbal abusive behavior towards me and our other 2 children.
    At one point after years of cornered verbal abuse, & a mental breakdown I heard God say enough. I did not act on that so God did. My husband chose to leave. I never divorced him or dated but prayed. God answered my prayers not to become bitter. He and I are friends now. Unfortunately our other daughter won’t forgive him and has become an atheist.
    My stepmom and her son stole my sisters, my and our children’s inheritance. My health is unstable and chronic. My sister is mentally ill now after having an extremely difficult autistic son. She is also hooked on pain meds after numerous surgeries. We have both had numerous surgeries. I cling to the fact that God who began a good work in me cannot fail and will never leave me. The struggle though is daily and isolating.
    Your post today, the evil will not last forever, and especially the part about the attacks on your brother had me sobbing. I can barely hold back the tears now.
    Jesus endured so much to buy us back from sin, death & evil. I feel what Paul said, to die is gain. I don’t see how I’m useful to the kingdom of God but I trust him and will love for Him. I will show compassion and kindness to all who are struggling. I guess that’s the best way to throw it back into Satan’s face. I will love.

  18. Thank you for those words, Pastor Lucado. I believe 100% it is in the Bible
    ~Acts 17:31“For (God) has set a day when he will judge the world”.
    This why it is so important to be feed by the Word. Our God is a JUST God. “He can and will judge between right and wrong and He will administer justice in accordance with His standards. Many see injustice on earth, it is at the hands of men, not of God. God has given men free will, but most men do not exercise it responsibly or in a way that lines up with God’s character as a just God. In do time He will dispose of evil and injustice and He will punish those who have turned away from Him and His standards.”

  19. How many more mass shootings can Americans take? Apparently as many as shooters want to dish out. Any country that tolerates, supports, and protects an insane gun culture, and a network of sociopathic organizations like the NRA and the GOP , and then wrings its hands and wails every time some Joe Average nut with easy access to war zone weapons chooses to unload on helpless citizens has no business feeling sorry for itself. It was painfully apparent when the little grade one children at Sandy Hook were slaughtered, and the American-gunslinger response was to attack their grieving parents that the USA is insane and/or incapable of reason. So carry on. Watch your children getting blown to bits. Blame whatever idiot thing you fancy (today it was doors…). The world outside your bubble has tremendous sympathy for the victims of these regular atrocities, and absolutely no patience with all the stupid ways you cope. DON’T COPE. Get outraged. March into the streets and force change. God is not going to come out of the sky someday and fix it for you. If you can’t do what every other civilized nation on earth has done (Hint: legislate gun control), then your children will continue to be taken from you in blood baths that are your fault.

  20. Thank you for so clearly reminding us that though life is not fair, God is. His judgement will be just and sure. We can grieve but have peace in knowing it will be taken care of in God’s plan.

  21. Thank you Pastor Max, this is so comforting, when life has been painful for a while. It’s good to remember this will not last forever. One day soon, Jesus will return! Glorious day!

  22. Thank you Max Lucado for the scriptures related to the wickedness and its consequences.

  23. Thank you for your heart felt life stories. I am so thankful for your minstructions to a world that is hurting.

  24. Amen! It is very difficult to explain why the world is the way it is to those who profess to be unbelievers, but then, blame God for all the tragedy’s in this life.

  25. The scriptures talk about God coming as a thief in the night and I think we as Christians do not think enough about this. If we did, we would be praying more and telling others about Jesus and what He’s done for us. My prayer is to be more diligent at every opportunity to tell THE STORY of HIS love to others who have yet to know of HIS grace and mercy.

  26. Very good reminder. A voice of reason in the chaos. God is God and there is no other. The evil will not always flourish and God is not deceived. Thank you for this Pastor Lucado.

  27. Hello Max, This post is so beautifully balanced. Thank you! There’s nothing more nauseating than when well-meaning people throw hard and fast, canned answers at tragedies such as these. (I.e this is because we took prayer out of schools, it all goes back the Garden). Even if true they’re not comforting or helpful in any way, especially in the face of tragedy. These things are beyond words…
    I’ve been a silent but huge fan of yours for years. Thank you for your ministry of always conveying the heart of God to people in the most relatable terms. Continued blessings to you, yours and your flock. May we all always focus on the heart of the issues with His heart like you do so well.

  28. When I saw Dee for the last time he told me he had whipped those demons and they held no control over him but sadly the war had consumed his body. We all will have our bodies consumed by this world no matter how we live but in Him death has no victory. Dee is with Him.

  29. I look forward to the day the God makes every wrong right. Meanwhile may the Lord strengthen His body and help us to live out our lives full of the power of the Holy Spirit to heal the sick and wounded and raise the dead and preach the gospel to a lost and dying world.

  30. I agree Max, kids don’t deserve this, parents don’t deserve this, & hypocrites continue to be chosen because politics attracts some of the worst. We need to protect our children & what’s more, we need to prosecute some parents. They should see warning signs even prior to those displayed on social media.

  31. Pastor, your words interpret scripture for those who need the,”Word,” but find it difficult to apply to daily living. All of the answers we seek are within the pages of the Bible. Thank you.

  32. Thanks, Max. This is going to be the outline for my sermon today in Derby Park, Recife.

  33. Thank you for your words. We have to realize this world is not our home. One glorious day the Lord will come and those who believe will go to their heavenly home. It is hard to see all the evil in this world but we as christians can not give up!! We must keep in prayer, encourage, and give the hope of salvation in Jesus.

  34. Max Lucado always knows just the right thing to say to renew and energize my walk with Christ. God has gifted him with an amazing talent. Reading his email of “This Evil Will Not Last Forever” gives me a renewed and refreshed hope that God will one day end Satan’s devastating destruction upon us. Every day I pray that THIS is the day our Savior will come back for us! Our hearts are grieving daily over the horrors of this world. Come quickly Lord Jesus…

  35. Dear Pastor Lucado, Thank you so much for this honest, heart-felt, and heart-wrenching reflection. I hear every word you have written, and long for the day of HIS appearing. On May 18, I was at the YMCA, and received news that my long suffering, terminally ill sister had passed into eternity. A few minutes later, an acquaintance came in raging verbally about the attempted school shooting in our town of Dixon, IL only two days earlier. (Due to the courageous action of the school resource officer, and God’s great mercy, miraculously no lives were lost.) She placed much of the blame for mentally ill and deranged acts such on this on the decreases in mental health funding, and the government. Then she said that she believes that people who do these things or anyone who is in bondage to drugs, alcohol or anti-social behaviors CANNOT help themselves or do not have the ability to make right choices. Yes, at a certain point those people are definitely under the devil’s control. However, the Apostle Paul clearly explain this struggle when he wrote in Romans 7:25, “Thank God! The answer is in Jesus Christ our Lord. So you see how it is: In my mind I really want to obey God’s law, but because of my sinful nature I am a slave to sin.” Are we not ultimately responsible for the choices we make? God created each one of us with free wills, with the knowledge of right and wrong. Is there any point at which God cannot intervene when a person cries out to Him for help? Thank God that I have personally witnessed his deliverance time and time again in my own life, and with the salvation of family members, including my deceased husband and sister. Glory to God that they are safely in His arms in their heavenly homes because they each accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. His mercy endures forever!

  36. Thank-you putting this in a biblical context. God bless you today. I love your daily devotions on line and look forward to them! The one for May 21st is the same scripture I preached from May 20th. God Is Good…All The Time!

  37. The day I fell to my knees and accepted Jesus Christ is the day I began to suffer loss of my marriage, children, grandchildren, home, friends, family, everything I valued was ripped away from my heart. It continues to this very day. My walk has been in the deep valley where the ground is fertile. This valley is a teaching/training ground. It’s a place where surrender is the only option. Where we come face to face with ourselves. It’s not an easy place. It’s not a fun place. There is brokenness and stripping away of fleshly desires and at times I feel as though I won’t survive it. But then, a tiny ray of Sonshine comes thru the brokenness. Life breathes again. I’m completely naked before Him, with no desire to follow my own path. This life I live has seen so much death and decay but my Saviour, my sweet loving righteous amazing Saviour is right by my side thru all the darkness, reshaping and bringing me closer and closer to Him. All the hurt, death, loss, loneliness, and brokenness cannot compare to His Glory! Thank You Father for loving me enough to allow my walk thru this valley. I love You.

  38. Thanks for this, very interesting. The devil had robbed me as well, 27 years of cocaine addiction….Bamm God is good,by His Grace I was given a second chance. Thank you for all you do for when I was in prison years ago I read a book you wrote and it touched my heart then. Thank you.

  39. Just because judgement day is set, does not mean we should ignore the issue of gun violence in schools!

  40. This line caught me and made me reflect…

    At that point we will begin to reclaim what the devil took.

    Can we be agents of reconciliation now? Can we through the power of the Holy Spirit be transformational as we wait for Christ’s return?

  41. What an encouraging reminder when we see the hurt inflicted and damage to the living. God will bind the wounds, send His comfort, and make a way through until the time of reckoning. God sees the injustice, unfairness, and brutally. These are familiar to God in the sacrifice of Jesus, innocent, yet died a sinner’s death.

  42. I agree with Lisa. It just seems like evil does prosper, but I need to remember that God has the final say! Thank you, Pastor Lucado.

  43. Thank you for always responding so encouragingly to the events that we see and read about in the news and for which we simply cannot understand.

  44. My Pastor preached the same message last Sunday. And now you are repeating it. How awesome is that. Pastor Lucado, I am in that season where I am tempted to say that whatever is happening to me at the work place and in the house (I together with my children) is not fair. For a long time, I have been treated unjustly and unfairly at my work place and last week I thought I had had enough of it and was quitting in a huff, until something happened that caused me to go slow. At home I have faced so many challenges I wonder how numerous and big my sins are and have therefore been asking God for His grace and mercy when I wake up every morning and in the evening when I retire to bed. But even with all these storms and mountains, I still believe that I serve a just God and He will come to my rescue and recompense me and my family for all the injustice and unfairness that I and my family has been subjected to.

    Thank you Pastor Lucado and may God bless and increase your ministry abundantly.

  45. Thanks so much!
    I appreciate your words!
    I look forward to Jesus return!
    I just read your book Jesus and have been using it for gifts!
    Anxious for Nothing is a favorite!
    You are gifted with words!
    Judy Sharp

  46. Well said, sir. Could not be more true. Just want to say you are loved by a lot of people. I know you know it, but you need to hear it again. And I need to say it. I appreciate your well spoken messages that I’ve read and heard, birthed from your time with the Lord. I will be praying for an extra measure of peace and God’s closest presence today. Satan always hits where it hurts the worst.

    I was viewing, via google, a couple videos about ‘snake fences’. It takes 1/4” fencing to keep out the baby snakes or they just waltze right in. Meanwhile bigger snakes might just climb right over. One big snake climbed and stretched out all the way to below the eaves trying to get into a house. He came back down and searched the perimeter and hid behind the a.c. compressor. Satan is wiley, determined and well hidden in just that way. He is always watching and looking for whoever he can prey on. Our spouses, our children and other family members and friends. Those we trust can become prey unawares. And as they are caught up they become carriers of Satan’s lies and pain. All cruelty, all the time. We always think we can stay alert, but death is always at the door looking for a way in. So many loved ones and so many pathways to attack and attempts to destroy.

    I thank you that you keep on doing what you do. Jesus loves you. -This I know, for the Bible tells me and you so. – May God bless your prayers real good today in ways that you can see and feel, that are meaningful to you. Shalom, my brother in the Lord.

  47. yeah i also know , evil will get its final end he stole my father and died before he repented

  48. This is a very comforting word for us who are older and weary, (sadly not so much) shocked by the things going on today. Seems evil is rearing its ugly head more often and in greater and more creative ways these days. This is a needed reminder that life in this world is just temporary, and that justice and truth will indeed reign in the end. Thank you for the hope that is guaranteed.

  49. I needed this. My heart aches for all this carnage happening to our young people and adults but we refuse to take action on gun control. Some days I cannot bear it. Although your words are true, I find little solace today. I’ll save this and reread in times of sorrow

  50. I live in the UK and was on a train recently sitting next to a young man of about 14 years of age. We were chatting about travelling and where in the world he would like to go. When I said would he like to go to the US, I was expecting a positive answer. What he said was “Oh no! I don’t want to go there. Did I know Americans shoot their own children.” !

  51. I agree Pastor Lucado. The picture analogy you made is vivid. And your words chosen, well, I sense a freedom in them! I’ve read or this verse many times but never in a way that it has jumped out at me so positively! Usually I was more concerned with judgements against me? Yes I am saved! Praise the Lord! Thank you Gwenn

  52. So true and yet sometimes we forget the prince of evil is the perpetrator of all the evil in this world.

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