To Be With the Ones He Loves

000000_Religion_1208Holiday time is highway time. Since Joseph and Mary packed their bags for Bethlehem, the birth of Jesus has caused people to hit the road.  After all, we love to be with the ones we love!

May I remind you? So does God. How else do you explain what he did? Between him and us there was a great distance–a great span. And he couldn’t bear it. So he did something about it.  He travelled far. He was born to be a man and became like a servant. He took on our face, our disfigurement. He became like us. Just look at the places he was willing to go: feed troughs, carpentry shops, badlands, and cemeteries. The places he went to reach us show how far he will go to touch us.

When God feels distant, remember the Christmas story. When you feel alone, unloved, or unlovable, remember that God loves you. And he travelled a great distance to be close to you. Why? Because he loves to be with the ones he loves!

© Max Lucado