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He Made Himself Nothing

For some, Christmas is a time of excitement, celebration, and quality time with…
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As Human as He Intended to Be

It all happened in a moment, a most remarkable moment. God became a man. …
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God’s Plan for Humanity

God’s plan for humanity. It was crafted in the halls of heaven and carried …
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The Choice to Love

We don’t like to talk about hell, do we? In intellectual circles the topic of…
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God Gave Us Himself

For thousands of years, God gave us his voice. Prior to Bethlehem, he gave us…
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With the Ones We Love

Holiday travel. It isn’t easy. Then why do we do it? Why cram the trunks and…
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A Plea for Mercy

What of those who die with no faith? My husband never prayed. My grandpa never…
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How Are We Saved?

If we’re saved by good works, we don’t need God. Weekly reminders of do’s…
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When God Entered Time

When God entered time and became a man, he who was boundless became bound. For…
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