He Restores My Soul

Can you imagine, just for a moment, how it feels to be out of hope? If you can…
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An Opportunity to Begin Again

God knows the way forward. No matter what kind of disappointment or grief or…
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A Special Thank You

Hello, front line worker. May I have a word with you? Hello, doctor, nurse, med-…
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Begin Again

Are you ready to leave 2020 behind and start a new chapter in 2021? If so, there…
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Keep the Power Supply Open

The Holy Spirit is not enthusiasm, compassion, or bravado. He might stimulate…
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Jesus Heals Us All

Are you waiting for Jesus to heal you? Take hope from Jesus’ response to the…
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The God of Great Turnaround

Is your life in a season of weeping but you long for a time of rejoicing? Be…
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God Gets You

Don’t forget: Jesus was human too. The One to whom we pray understands how…
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Crisis of Delay

Yet “[Jesus] stayed where he was for the next two days” (John 11:6 NLT). The…
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